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Slabbecoornweg 78-80, 4691 RZ  Tholen
+31 (0)166 - 60 45 30
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Innovative in the applications of plastics and other synthetic materials!

RKT International is strong and versatile in both thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. Our company focuses on four core activities: processing Thermoplastics and Thermosetters, Semi-finished products and PUPP Lining.

RKT International is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008, NEN 4400 and VCA* 2008/05.1 certified. We work only with qualified and certified personnel.


The thermoplastic materials we provide include:

  • Pressure pipe systems up to ø 1400mm
  • Construction of installations
  • Mouldings
  • (Storage) tanks and cylinders
  • Drip trays
  • Emergency trays
  • Anodic treatment baths
  • Galvanic baths

For the manufacture of these thermoplastic products, we have a very extensive range of machines and equipment at our disposal, such as:

  • Mitre mirror welding machines up to ø 1400mm
  • Mitre mirror saws up to 1400mm
  • Plate and press and welding machine up to 3 metres
  • Plate saw machines
  • Field welding machines up to ø 1400mm
  • Hot gas welding equipment (wire welding and extrusion welding)


The thermosetting materials we provide include:

  • Pipe/conduit systems
  • Mouldings
  • Tanks
  • Drains
  • Emergency trays

For the manufacture of thermosetting products, we use the following tools and equipment:

  • Calibrated resin dosage system
  • PLC controlled tempering kiln of 14x4x3 metres
  • Shave equipment NW 25 – NW 400, NW 450 to infinity
  • Glass-cutting machines

PUPP Lining

  • Preservation system for steel, HDPE or PP covered gas, water and oil pipes.
  • GPU protection systems. Glass fibre-reinforced Polyurethane systems.
  • SWAPE Barrier, waterstop for insulated pipe in pipe systems.
  • SWAPE Joint; a connection system compliant with PUPP Lining system, steel in steel systems